2012 Flood Hits Pine County

Pine SWCD received a grant in the amount of $240,000 to help repair a section of land along the Kettle River in Sturgeon Lake near Cathedral Pines Drive.  6 neighboring landowners agreed to do a streambank stabilization project on their property to stop the erosion that has eaten away feet of their shoreline for years.  After the 2012 flood that ravaged parts of St. Louis, Carlton and Pine counties, Pine SWCD applied for and received a grant to do the stabilization. There is no match for this grant; meaning the cost of the project is covered by the grant 100%.

DNR funds have been applied for and approved to help supplement the Flood Relief Grant.

Construction on the project started on September 1st. Heavy rains in September pushed construction back a bit. Finally the weather cleared and the contractors worked hard to get the project done before winter.  The main construction was completed in early November. The contractors will be back on-site in the spring of 2017 to do tree and shrub planting.

Below are pictures from the site.