DNR Observation Wells

Personnel from Minnesota’s Department of Conservation, Division of Waters first began collecting groundwater level records in 1932. This network began as a modest collection of water level measurements from a small number of wells, and additional sites were added slowly during these early years. As of June 2010, the DNR Division of Ecological and Water Resources managed a cooperative network of approximately 750 groundwater-level monitoring wells.

Nine groundwater monitoring wells are located within Pine County, of those eight are monitored eight times a year by Pine County SWCD staff.

Why monitor groundwater levels?

To understand the status of groundwater quantity throughout the state

To formulate management responses to changing water levels

To plan for the future based on current scientific data



8 times annually (March-December) a trained staff member conducts a water level measurement at each monitoring well. Measurements are conducted using a steel measuring tape and chalk. Measurements are taken a minimum of two times to assure for accuracy of measurement.