The planning process for the Kettle/Upper St. Croix One Watershed One Plan is nearing completion!

Updates: The final draft and appendix for the Kettle/Upper St. Croix Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan is here. You can find a link to the draft below, or in the planning documents section. The formal responses to the 60-Day Review and Public Hearing Comments can be found here as well. The local partnership boards have approved the final draft plan, and it has been submitted to BWSR to be reviewed and approved. 


Final Draft Plan for BWSR Approval

Final Draft Appendix for BWSR Approval

Formal Responses to 60-Day Comments

Kettle/USC Watersheds

Upcoming Kettle/USC Policy Meeting: Thursday, July 11th 9am-11am. Location: 1610 Hwy 23 N, Sandstone, MN                                         

Our Next Advisory Meeting: TBD Virtual



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What is 1W1P?

Historically, water management was developed and administered by individual counties. Management of watersheds varied greatly as soon as you would cross into a different county. Many county management plans also failed to identify and tailor to the particular needs each watershed in their county required to make lasting and meaningful improvements to the water resources in the area. 

In the last decade, the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) began developing a management method that encouraged the development of a comprehensive management plan for an entire watershed, that would bring local government units together to create the plan, and would not be bound to local jurisdictional boundaries. Enter One Watershed One Plan Comprehensive Watershed Management. 

The 1W1P process brings local government units together to create a systematic, watershed-wide, science-based management plan for each watershed that are in their counties. Completed plans across the state have created more collaborative partnerships, brought in more funding at the local level, and have implemented meaningful practices that have created watershed improvements that can be measured and documented. By the end of the planning process, the Kettle/Upper St. Croix Watersheds will have a management plan that will do the same.  


Who is Involved in the Kettle/Upper St. Croix 1W1P

The partners in the Kettle/Upper St. Croix 1W1P include Carlton County, Pine County, Carlton SWCD, Kanabec SWCD, and Pine SWCD. The planning effort is lead by a steering team that is comprised of partner staff. The Policy Committee, made of elected officials from both County's Boards and SWCD Supervisors, will approve the content of the plan, serve as a liaison to their representative boards and act of behalf of their board.




Public Kickoff Events


Thank you to those that made it out to our public kickoff events on June 3rd and 10th! Your input on the watershed is a valuable part of our planning process! The information you have provided will be used to help us prioritize the needs of the watershed. See the report from the events below!


Kettle/Upper St. Croix Kickoff Events Report