Pine SWCD has a No-Till Drill available for rent. If you have any questions or would like to rent the drill, please call Heather at 320-216-4247. The form below is what will need to be filled out. Please stop in at the office to complete this.

2022 No-Till Drill Rental Form

Below is a video of how to properly make turns/corners while using the no-till drill. The drill should be raised when making turns or going around corners in the field to prevent increased wear and tear on the equipment. 

No-till drill corner video

As the cost of fertilizer remains high, ensuring proper application and amount can be vital for a farmer's bottom line. This article from the University of Minnesota talks about how the 4R's of Nutrient Stewardship can help farmers optimize and manage fertilizer and manure applications for best results:
How 4R Nutrient Stewardship can help Minnesota farmers



Interested in incorporating rye as a cover crop into your rotation? Click the link below to learn more!

Cereal Rye Management


Minnesota Ag Water Quality Program:

The Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification Program (MAWQCP) certifies farmers for managing the land within their operation in a way that protects water quality. Area Certification Specialists assist farmers through the certification process. You can get started by contacting our Ag Technician, Heather Donoho, Carlton SWCD, Ryan Clark, or on the MDA website  and we will follow up with you.

After you complete the program application a Certifying Agent will work with you on the assessment process, which includes an online assessment tool and on-farm field verification. Lastly, certification of compliance with existing laws and rules needs to be complete when the certification agreement is signed.